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About Return Man 3 Game

Return-Man-2_3-150x150Return Man 3 is the latest version of the popular flash football game, developed by ESPN in 2016. The first two versions of the game were extremely popular, that’s why the company decided to create a new version of the game. If you have never player Return Man Games before, all you have to know is that your mission in this game is to get the ball and run with it to the end of the field, plus avoid hitting the enemy defenders. The big number of complex levels will amuse you for a long time.

If we compare this version to the previous one, we will see that a lot of updates were made, for example, the graphics seem to be more brighter, the sound effects more interesting, as well as the minor bug fixes for the whole game. If you love playing football, our website is dedicated for, no matter how old are you. At ReturnMan3.net you can enjoy all versions of your favorite game 24/7, even from school or office. We wish you to have a great time playing return man games.

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